Hands On Therapeutic Massage, LLC

Wellness Coaching

   Are you struggling mentally and emotionally? Do you feel hopeless at times? Do you feel a weight bogging you down? Is life stress almost unmanageable? Do you just need to vent? ....... I Got You!

    Being a certified wellness coach, I have noticed 1st hand the increasing demand in the mental health field.. I am seeing my massage clients come in with a shift in their needs. I am seeing an increase in demand for my wellness coaching even with just my massage clients. I started noticing that we were talking more through sessions about their struggles and different solutions and realize I was already dusting off my old wellness coaching skills. I've even had a massage client wind up preferring a wellness coaching session and not even getting on the table for their massage. The shift in wellness is very apparent. 

       Through my own struggles that I have overcome, I understand the need for such an industry and have decided to bring back my wellness coaching services to the community. I have adjusted the rates to make it more affordable and have implemented an introductory offer. I have also adjusted the sessions to better fit the needs of what the world is currently going through. I feel a duty  to be able to help my community in such a way  and help restore what life used to be like prepandemic.


 Sessions are one hour long and they will be conducted either by phone call or video call. You choose what you're comfortable with.   Book your session online today.


 Introductory offer. $90 / Hr