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42 Bridge St. East Windsor CT


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Quick Rates/ Packages

$105- 1 hr              $135 - 90 Min

5 One Hour Sessions ......$475.            $50 savings

   5  90 Min sessions ..........$615.           $60 savings 

5 month expiration on 5 session packages.



      Welcome!!!! If you’re looking for a Professional Massage Practitioner, or a Pain Relief Specialist, you may look no further. As a Medical Massage Practitioner, Jaime Johnson is focused on chronic conditions, ailments and areas of pain. Starting with a thorough intake process, she listens and asks questions to find exactly what and where you need attention, then integrating specific advanced techniques to provide high levels of benefit in a relaxed and nurturing manor. Following this, Jaime devises a massage plan specific to your needs to get you feeling better as soon as possible. Find out more under, "Meet The Owner"

   Included in Each Session:

    A hot towel treatment designed to warm and loosen the muscles allows for higher levels of benefit in a single session. Also integrated into each session is the use of a Biomat which is  on the table under the sheets just as a table warmer would. With the heating element, the all natural Biomat uses Far Infrared Ray's to penetrate through the body to relieve joint pain, muscle pain, reduce inflammation, helps with sleeping problems, headaches and many more. This is the top leading medical technology in holistic medicine with its all natural healing properties. To read more about the Biomat and it's benefits, select "The Biomat Technology" in the drop down menu at the top of this page. 


      We are unable to answer the phone while in session, so we have made it convenient for you to book online at the top of this page. Feel free to call if you have any questions. Sessions are by appointment only. 

Please note- Same day cancelations and no-shows do result in full price of the session or loss of session for package holders, loss of promotion/special deal or loss of gift certificate.