The Biomat Technology

The Gold Standard Biomat with its healing properties is FDA approved as a level 2 medical device and is recognized by the medical community and health insurance companies as a form of treatment. It's technology was first found by NASA and medical professionals are now integrating this highly effective treatment into their practices. 

The Biomat heating source is infrared which is the most beneficial for the body. Far infrared rays have proven to be extremely beneficial to overall health and completely safe because of its natural thermal properties. 


Health Benefits:

*Relieves Joint Paint/Stiffness 

*Improves Motor Function 

*Decreases Inflammation 

*Relieves Muscle Pain

*Increases/Improves  Circulation 

*Supports Immune System 

*Improves Sleep 


Helps To Treat:

*Allergic Rhinitis 

*Cardiovascular Disease 

*Diabetes Mellitus

*Chronic Kidney Disease 

*Menstrual Cramps



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